• The Armory Show

    September 7 - September 10, 2023 | Booth 229
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  • Yossi Milo is pleased to announce our participation in The Armory Show, taking place at the Javits Center from September 7 – 10, 2023. Our booth will include work by Linus Borgo, Orit Hofshi, Asif Hoque, Natia Lemay, Kathrin Linkersdorff, Anoushka Mirchandani, Shikeith, Ibrahim Said, and Cameron Welch, among others. Centering transformation as the engine of their practices, the presented artists share a dedication to the study and potential of change, whether of the body, the spirit, or within the realm of narrative and storytelling. Our presentation includes traditional media such as painting, photography, and sculpture; as well as innovative works of craft such as mosaic, ceramics, and printmaking.

  • Linus Borgo

    Linus Borgo

    Linus Borgo (b. 1995; Stamford, CT) tells allegorical stories that create an imagined world of his own, one where the highly staged compositions of the Renaissance canon become spectacular explorations of bodily transformation. The daily realities of transgender and disabled experience meet the cosmic quasi-realities of mer-people, angels, and cyborgs, retelling the artist’s own stories with the pictorial aplomb of both contemporary surreal figuration and of the canonical works by Old Masters.


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  • AMPHIBIAN, 2023 Bronze 28' x 15' x 16' (71 x 38 x 40.5 cm) Edition of 9 plus 3 artist's...
    AMPHIBIAN, 2023
    28" x 15" x 16" (71 x 38 x 40.5 cm)
    Edition of 9 plus 3 artist's proofs
  • Asif Hoque

    Asif Hoque

    Asif Hoque’s (b. 1991; Rome, Italy) celestial paintings show Brown deities and angels escaping the boundaries of the physical world, swooping among the clouds in playful compositions that innovate on traditional mythological symbols and themes. The artist’s warm, vibrant palette imbues drama into scenes that take inspiration from his upbringing between Florida and Italy as well as his Bangladeshi heritage.


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  • GOLDENBOY'S TRANSCENDENTAL VISION, 2023 Oil on Linen 72' x 80' (183 x 203 cm) (ATH.23999)
    Oil on Linen
    72" x 80" (183 x 203 cm)
  • Shikeith


    With a complex multidisciplinary practice, Shikeith (American, b. 1989) interrogates the sociopolitical structures and histories that oppress the psychological landscapes of marginalized communities. Influenced by his interest in hauntology and spiritual traditions from the African diaspora, Shikeith's artwork both mines and speculates on methodologies of disentangling and reconciliation. His works employ magical realist aesthetics, creating elusive compositions challenging gender norms and asking viewers to engage with the invisible forces that shape their perception of the subjects depicted and self. 


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  • Orit Hofshi

    Orit Hofshi

    Orit Hofshi (b. 1959; Kibbutz Matsuva, Israel) creates monumental woodcut prints that depict the expansive physical earth. In Hofshi’s visual world, the flow of time continues around and past her human figures, who witness the natural world as an alien place. Contrasted by the impossible scale of the land, their struggle with the elements is rendered in evocative, textural works. 


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  • Accord, 2021 Hand Printed Woodcut, Rubbing and Color Pencil Drawing on Handmade Kozo & Abaca Paper 71 1/2' x 52'...
    Accord, 2021
    Hand Printed Woodcut, Rubbing and Color Pencil Drawing on Handmade Kozo & Abaca Paper
    71 1/2" x 52" (181.5 x 132 cm)
    Framed: 74 5/8" x 55 1/16" (189.5 x 140 cm)
  • Ibrahim Said

    Ibrahim Said

    Expansive ideas of traditional craft are shared by ceramicist Ibrahim Said (b1976; Cairo, Egypt), whose gravity-defying vessels build on storied traditions to achieve forms previously impossible. Recalling ancient artifacts of dynasties past, the Egyptian-American artist’s works transform both clay and convention into levitating, weightless forms that seemingly exist outside time. In this way, the artist celebrates his heritage while advancing Egyptian motifs towards new horizons. 


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  • Cameron Welch

    Cameron Welch

    A duality motivates Cameron Welch (b. 1990; Indianapolis, IN), whose mosaic works are contemporary and ancient at once. Referencing visual elements of archaeology and figures of myth alongside commercial brands and digital signifiers, the artist tells a discursive, nonlinear story that unwinds from antiquity to the present day. The dizzying result is a narrative space that is many-handed, transforming and joining as many individual contextual elements as it does pieces of tile, stone and ceramic. 


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  • Pierre Knop

    Pierre Knop

    Pierre Knop's (b. 1982; Nancy, France) paintings convey a childlike fantasia, depicting idyllic mountainous landscapes, boxing gyms, classic pubs, and calm seascapes with rich, swirling colors and a deliberate flattening of perspective. Approaching the canvas as both a sketchbook and a painting, the artist combines multiple mediums to render enchanted scenes that are inspired by his natural surroundings and personal memories. This loose and playful creative process, complicated by decidedly Expressionist and Post-Impressionist influences, opens interpretation of each painting to multiple storylines and moods.


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    • Mountain Run, 2022-2023 Oil and Ink on Canvas 39 1/2" x 47 3/8" (100.5 x 120.5 cm) (PK.23933)
      Mountain Run, 2022-2023
      Oil and Ink on Canvas
      39 1/2" x 47 3/8" (100.5 x 120.5 cm)
    • Untitled, 2023 Ink, Acrylic, Crayon, Oil Pastels and Oil on Canvas 67" x 67” (170 x 170 cm) (PK.23932)
      Untitled, 2023
      Ink, Acrylic, Crayon, Oil Pastels and Oil on Canvas
      67" x 67” (170 x 170 cm)
  • Matthew Brandt

    Matthew Brandt

    Matthew Brandt (American; b. 1982) revives pre-film photographic technologies while introducing unconventional materials that allow new interactions of subject and image that are otherwise impossible in traditional processes. In his Silver series, each of Brandt’s black-and-white photographs of forests is produced as a gelatin silver print, which the artist mounts with an application of liquid silver. This intervention references the material by which the photographs are made, and offers an exploration of photography as metal, brought full-circle by the medium’s reliance on mineral components. The cool, smooth surfaces of this series recall moonlit, reflective forest pools and antique mirrors, furthering comparisons between the natural world, the realm of antique technologies, and the viewers, themselves reflected in the silver surface.


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