10 Art Shows to See in NYC This June

Hakim Bishara, Hrag Vartanian, Julie Schneider, Daniel Larkin and Kealey Boyd, Hyperallergic, June 4, 2024

We all know that summer is the art world’s slow season — time for generic gallery and museum group shows. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see. From a gallery’s revelatory look at under-recognized Lebanese artist Bibi Zogbé to exceptional long-term museum shows on artists Pacita Abad, Nona Faustine, and Toshiko Takaezu, and a standout contribution to the Whitney Biennial by Sharon Hayes, there’s plenty of great art in the city. That most of our featured artists are women is an encouraging sign — hopefully, the trend of centering formidable women artists will continue into the future. Natalie Haddad, Reviews Editor


Egyptian ceramicist Ibrahim Said’s first major solo show in New York City is a revelation. The 48-year-old artist’s vessels embody a futuristic twist on millennia-old traditions, challenging the laws of gravity and the conventions of pottery alike in a celebration of his Egyptian-Arab heritage. The show also includes a wall-to-wall installation of bowls adorned with the 99 names of Allah in Islamic tradition. Among them are “The Creator,” “The Maker,” “The Fashioner,” and “The Perceiver” — attributes that could fit any artist blessed with the God-given gift of creativity. Hakim Bishara