Jeremy Jaspers, Other Voices, Other Rooms

Through December 3, 2022

 Other Voices, Other Rooms
 Other Voices, Other Rooms
 Other Voices, Other Rooms


  • The Colby Museum of Art Acquires Work by Ibrahim Said

    Ibrahim Said’s “Floating Vase 9” has joined the permanent collection of the Colby Museum of Art in Waterville, Maine. As part of Colby College, the Colby Museum seeks to provide an educational arts resource for students and the public alike. Said’s work draws from the rich history of ceramic arts of Egypt, expanding on it with impossible forms and intricate designs. This acquisition will continue to grow the Colby Museum’s collection of contemporary art.

  • David Goldes Releases New Book

    David Goldes will release his new monograph with Radius Books, Unpredictable Drawings, with text by Pavel S. Pyś. Unpredictable Drawings continues Goldes’s signature material explorations, in which he introduces electrical and chemical elements to drawings, which in turn create new, unexpected features. By electrifying, corroding, and reacting the surfaces of these works, Goldes creates a body of work that reflects the instability of the times in which they are made. Find out more on Radius Books’s website.