Hassan Hajjaj in Collector Daily

Collector Daily’s Loring Knoblauch reviewed My Rockstars, observing that “Hajjaj is expanding the edges of how a 21st century photographic portrait can succeed, looking for unexpected ways to bring together layers of complex individuality that don’t normally fall neatly into line.” To read the full article, please visit the Collector Daily website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Fotografiska New York

A solo exhibition of Hassan Hajjaj’s work, VOGUE, The Arab Issue, is presented at Fotografiska New York, from March 19 – November 7, 2021. In his titular series, Hajjaj photographs local women from his home country of Morocco parodying the poses typically found in Western fashion photography. His subjects “model” traditional garments—such as djellabas and hijabs—that the artist has designed to feature counterfeit brand logos, polka dots and leopard prints. Other series to be featured include Dakka Marrakchia, Legs, Handpainted Portraits and Handprints. For more information, please visit Fotografiska’s website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Arnolfini

A solo exhibition, Hassan Hajjaj: The Path, was on view at Arnolfini, in Bristol, UK from July 30 – November 1, 2020. Curated by writer and broadcaster Ekow Eshun, The Path incorporates work from three of Hajjaj’s primary photographic series and references the artist’s personal journey from his birthplace in Larache, Morocco, to his later experience working in London and all around the globe. For more information, please visit the Arnolfini website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Intersect Aspen

Works by Hassan Hajjaj were featured at Intersect Aspen, an online viewing room and virtual art fair, as part of the exhibition Five Artists, Five Mediums, Five Days, from July 22-26, 2020. Presented by critic and curator Paul Laster, the program featured one artist for each of the five featured mediums, which include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and film/video, accompanied by a series of online talks. For more information, please visit the Intersect Aspen website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Fotografiska

A major solo exhibition by Hassan Hajjaj entitled VOGUE: The Arab Issue was on view at Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden, from February 14 – June 7, 2020. Hajjaj’s mixed media works reference issues of cultural identity, stereotypes and appropriation in an increasingly globalized world by intermixing western symbols of high fashion and pop art with Moroccan consumer items. For more information, please visit the Fotografiska website.

Hassan Hajjaj at The International Center of Photography

Hassan Hajjaj's portrait of Cardi B was on view in CONTACT HIGH: A Visual History of Hip-Hop at the International Center of Photography in New York, NY, from January 25 - May 18, 2020. The show surveyed the evolution of Hip-Hop since its inception four decades ago, exploring the wide cultural and political impacts of the movement and the plethora of iconic images created along the way. Other featured artists include Janette Beckman, Barron Claiborne, Gordon Parks and Jamel Shabazz. For more information, please visit the ICP website.

Hassan Hajjaj in Lahore Biennale

New commissions by Hassan Hajjaj were included in the Second Lahore Biennale (LB02), Between the Sun and the Moon, across cultural heritage sites in Lahore, Pakistan, through February 29, 2020. Artwork in LB02 explored the issue of climate change and its repercussions, juxtaposing the rich social and cultural history of Lahore with its ancient cosmological understandings of the natural world and self. LB02 featured commissions by more than 20 artists including Madiha Aijaz, Alia Farid, Diana Al-Hadid and Haroon Mirza. For more information, please visit the Lahore Biennale Foundation website.

Hassan Hajjaj at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie

An immersive solo exhibition by Hassan Hajjaj, Carte Blanche, was on view at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) in Paris, from September 11 - November 17, 2019. Carte Blanche featured photography, video, furniture and installation exploring Hajjaj’s wide-ranging interests including fashion, consumerism, and the cross-cultural musical scenes of London and North Africa. For more information, please visit the MEP website [French].

Hassan Hajjaj: My Rock Stars Experimental Live at Ford Theaters

Hassan Hajjaj presented a live performance installation, My Rock Stars Experimental - Live, at the Ford Theaters in Los Angeles, on October 11, 2019. Six musicians performed Hajjaj’s My Rocks Stars series live on stage, in front of a backdrop of textiles designed by Hajjaj and manufactured by local Moroccan artisans. The international roster of performers included Afrikan Boy, Bumi, Simo Lagnawi the Gnawa Berber, and Marques Toliver, reflecting the combination of London hip-hop, reggae, and North African heritage that influences Hajjaj’s broader artistic practice. For more information, please visit the Ford Theaters website.

'African Spirits' Reviewed in ARTFORUM

Artforum featured African Spirits as a Critics’ Pick, with Joseph Akel examining a “sense of constructing and celebrating identity” and “sartorial flair" at the heart of many included portraits . To read the full article: Artforum.

Hassan Hajjaj at New Art Exchange

The Path, a solo exhibition of photographs, films, and installations by Hassan Hajjaj was on view at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham, United Kingdom from April 6 - June 23, 2019. The exhibition presented work from multiple series, highlighting Hajjaj’s engagement with Moroccan, British and globalized culture in the modern world. For more information, please visit the New Art Exchange website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden

Work by Hassan Hajjaj was on view in Material Insanity at Museum of African Contemporary Art Al Maaden in Marrakech, Morocco, from February 26 – August 15, 2019. The exhibition explored the relationship between form, material, and meaning through a series of installations and artworks primarily composed of everyday objects. Other featured artists include Yasmina Alaoui, Oli Bonzanigo, Frances Goodman, and Adrian Piper. For more information, please visit the MACAAL website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Museo nazionale delle art del XXI secolo

Three works by Hassan Hajjaj were included in The Space of the Image – MAXXI Collection 2018-2019, at the Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI) in Rome, Italy. This cycle of the permanent exhibition featured more than 70 new acquisitions that have enriched the museum’s holdings. Other featured artists include Alighiero Boetti, Katharina Grosse, Aldo Rossi and Bill Viola. For more information, please visit the MAXXI website.

Hassan Hajjaj at Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts

Artwork by Hassan Hajjaj was featured in Styles of Resistance: From the Corner to the Catwalk at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn, NY from January 18 – February 24, 2019. The exhibition celebrated the origins and evolution of urban fashion from the 1970s to the present day. Other featured artists include Alex Blaise, Kendall Carter and Victoria Ford. For more information, please visit the MoCADA website.