Ice is a series of unique cyanotype prints made in freezing landscapes. Like Riepenhoff's previous Littoral Drift + Ecotone, this work is made in collaboration with the landscape, where elements from water and the shore physically inscribe into the photographic materials. Made in waters ranging from Walden Pond to remote creeks in western Washington, the prints are full of subtle details, each expressing a slightly different temperature, type of water, and crystalline structure of ice forming on photographic paper.

Photography by Meghann Riepenhoff
Original Text by Rebecca Solnit

Hardcover / 11.5 x 13.25 inches
120 Pages / 64 Images

ISBN: 9781942185864

Littoral Drift + Ecotone

Working cameralessly with cyanotype paper and elements such as rain, ocean waves, sediment and icicles, Riepenhoff’s work addresses time, impermanence and the unpredictable movement of nature. Riepenhoff places paper coated with homemade cyanotype emulsion where it will interact with the landscape: at the shoreline of a lake, over a tree branch in a rainstorm, buried in snow... UV sunlight and elements in the water activate the photochemistry and are allowed to leave their traces directly on the photographic materials, texturing the surface with sand and other debris. In the end, each print is an imprint of nature, rather than a literal image of it.

Riepenhoff's first monograph is comprised of two conjoined volumes, Littoral Drift and Ecotone, each containing 100 images. The book includes supplemental process photos, an introduction by Joshua Chuang of the New York Public library and a conversation with curator Charlotte Cotton.

Text by Joshua Chuang and Charlotte Cotton
Published by Yossi Milo and Radius Books
Two Volumes, Hardcover, English, 2018
50 images, 112 pages per volume
100 images, 224 pages total

ISBN: 9781942185468