Baltimore Museum of Art Acquires Work by Shikeith

Shikeith’s photograph, “Visiting Hours”, has joined the permanent collection of The Baltimore Museum of Art. This image, shot on expired film, possesses a ghost-like quality in both a material and substantive sense: the hazy, gray tone achieved by the expired film, and the sheathed figure who bears playful resemblance to a ghost. Here, the ghostly figure ‘visits’ the sleeping person, holding and caressing them in a gesture of loving protection and closeness.

RISD Museum Acquires Work by Shikeith

A Missed Prayer by Shikeith has joined the Rhode Island School of Design Museum's permanent collection. In this psychologically charged photograph, two subjects sit close, one facing away and tattooed with the expression, “Only God Can Judge Me”, the other looking directly at the viewer. The eye that meets the camera’s gaze makes it clear that this moment is a private one, watching over the sacred time reserved for intimacy or prayer.

Shikeith in Elephant Magazine

Shikeith is included in Elephant Magazine's photo feature Reframing Black Masculinity. Writer/researcher/curator Emmanuel Balogun writes, “Shikeith’s work investigates the experiences of Black men through concepts of psychic space. Throughout his work, the Black American psyche is expressed through states of meditation, prayer, and ecstasy, as images of the Black male body persist. O’ my body, make of me always a man who questions! features an anonymous man, drenched in sweat with his back arched, in a process of resurrection. The photographer positions Black male hands as a communal force of life and regeneration."

Newark Museum of Art Acquires Work by Shikeith

Three works by Shikeith have joined Newark Museum of Art's permanent collection. Each of the three works, O' my body, make of me always a man who questions!, Kris (in blue), and Kris (in ecstasy) further Shikeith’s exploration of Black spirituality and paths toward healing. They are representative of the artist's broader practice, which dives deep into experiences of ecstasy as it manifests in both corporeal and spiritual forms.

Shikeith in Collector Daily

Loring Knoblauch reviews Shikeith's debut solo exhibition in New York City, grace comes violently, for Collector Daily. Knoblauch writes, "Seen as one integrated artistic statement, this show offers a sophisticated melange of interlocked ideas, where various forms of protection provide the space for ecstatic personal expression." He continues, "Like many of his contemporaries, Shikeith is carving out a space for possibilities, using a multi-faceted approach to open many doors at once." Read the full article here.

Shikeith in i-D

Shikeith's solo exhibition grace comes violently is reviewed in i-D Magazine by Miss Rosen. The author writes, "Continuing in the traditions of Black queer icons … Shikeith's practice is rooted in a need to disentangle the specters of racism and homophobia that haunt queer Black men. With 'grace comes violently', Shikeith reminds us that transcendence does not emerge from peace but from an unstoppable will to confront pain, sorrow and loss in order to overcome oppression against all odds." Read the full article here.

Artist Walkthrough: Shikeith | grace comes violently

Yossi Milo Gallery and Shikeith hosted a virtual artist walkthrough of grace comes violently on Thursday, July 16. The artist presented and gave background for the work in the show and offered insight into his multidisciplinary practice. Following the talk, audience members had the chance to participate in a Q&A session with Shikeith. The walkthrough can be viewed in its entirety here.

Shikeith in The New York Times

Shikeith’s solo exhibition grace comes violently is reviewed for The New York Times by Will Heinrich. He writes, “It’s the evocative but never overly revealing way Shikeith portions out all this information, his combination of intimacy and inaccessibility, that makes the overall show so memorable. His practice may not yet be fully rooted — I don’t know whether “grace comes violently” is a photo show with sculptures, a sculpture show with photos or a single installation — but I’m excited to see where it goes.” Read the full article here.

Shikeith Reviewed in Artforum

Shikeith's debut solo exhibition in New York City, grace comes violently, was reviewed by Zoë Hopkins for Artforum. Hopkins writes, "...for his debut exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, multidisciplinary artist Shikeith warns us via the show’s title that for Black queer people, “grace comes violently.” The gentle yet tense photographs, sculptures, and five-channel video-cum-sculpture work here redefine this quality of ease and divinity with remarkable power." To read the full article, please visit the Artforum website.

New Monograph by Shikeith

Shikeith's first monograph, Notes towards Becoming a Spill, published by Aperture, presents a selection of the artist's photographic portraits of Black men as they negotiate states of meditation, prayer, and ecstasy. Featured alongside the photographs are texts by Shikeith and Ashon T. Crawley.

Shikeith at The Baker Museum

Manny (In Possession) (2020) and O' my body, make of me always a man who questions! (2020) by Shikeith were featured in the exhibition Invisible Thread at The Baker Museum in Naples, FL. The exhibition highlighted artists whose work deals with themes of spirituality, transcendence, and the subconscious. Featured alongside Shikeith was a variety of artists working in multiple disciplines, including Natalie Ball, Awol Erizku, and Jeffrey Gibson, among others. For more information, please visit the museum website.

Shikeith in Aperture Magazine

Shikeith wa featured in Aperture Magazine’s Spring 2022 Issue. Tracing the artist’s expansive career, Tiana Reid writes “The opera, oceanic and spiritual, marks a turning point in Shikeith’s career as he actively tries to renew his established practice. Shikeith is best known for formal portraiture, crisp images of Black figures executed with conceptual clarity, but his perspective is an intense, enveloping, and often experimental style.” To read the full essay, please visit the Aperture website.

Shikeith Receives Pittsburgh Foundation’s Exposure Artist Fellowship

Shikeith has been selected as one of three recipients of the Pittsburgh Foundation’s Exposure Artist Fellowship. The fellowship is awarded to Pittsburgh artists of color whose work deals with social inquiry and activism. In an effort to bring arts institutions and communities of color closer, Shikeith has opted to work with the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh as part of the fellowship. For more information, please visit The Pittsburgh Foundation’s website.

Shikeith in i-D

Shikeith was featured in conversation with Cherise Smith in i-D's The Darker Issue. At the crux of the interview, Smith and Shikeith discuss how the artist's practice has developed and transformed over the course of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Shikeith states, "I had to really reorganise how I thought. The spaces became a lot more meditative and allowed audiences to go within themselves more, which in the end, thanks to the pandemic, I think was super beneficial." Shikeith's work continually explores themes of space, history, the body, and touch--ranging in form from sculpture, film, photography, and performance. To read more, please visit the i-D website.

Shikeith in Artsy

Multidisciplinary artist Shikeith was featured in Artsy as part of The Artsy Vanguard 2021—the fourth installation of a series recognizing the most promising artists working today. Nicole Martinez elaborates on Shikeith’s multidisciplinary approach, observing that “Shikeith occupies multiple aesthetic realms at once. Working across film, photography, sculpture, and installation, the visual artist presents work that is edgy, yet sensitive to unspoken truths about identity, transformation, trauma and healing. Shikeith explores complex feelings in a relatable way, building off his experience as a queer Black man.” To read more, please visit the Artsy website.

Shikeith in Artforum

Shikeith's performance, notes towards becoming a spill, presented at Performa 2021, was featured in Artforum on November 24, 2021. Rachel Valinsky begins her review with a glimpse into the performance, writing: "A gospel choir flanked an illuminated platform, giving breath to the ecstatic and vital choreography of four dancers, clad in diaphanous mesh costumes in various hues of blue that echoed the shifting luminosity of the sea and the sky." The author continues: “Shikeith’s moving work, which continues his ongoing study of blue spaces, boundlessness, and contemporary Black queer identity, metaphorized diasporic longing, ancestral histories, and the ocean as a site of loss and refuge.” To read more, please visit the Artforum website.

Shikeith at Dhondt – Dhaenens

Works by multidisciplinary artist Shikeith were on view in A Beautiful America at the Museum Dhondt – Dhaenens, Belgium, from November 7, 2021 through January 23, 2022, in one of four exhibitions highlighting the collection of Vermeire-Notebaert. Along with work by a variety of African-American artists, the exhibition featured some of Shikeith’s dreamlike portraits that blur the line between sacred and secular encounters with ecstasy. For more information, please visit the Dhondt – Dhaenens website.

Shikeith at Performa 2021 Biennial

Multidisciplinary artist Shikeith showcased his first major performance at the Performa 2021 Biennial in New York City, October 23-24, 2021. The experimental opera follows the thread of hauntology vis-à-vis themes of black masculinity, queerness, and transformation. For more information, please visit the Performa website.

Shikeith in Performa Live Broadcast

Multidisciplinary artist Shikeith's experimental opera, notes towards becoming a spill, presented at the Performa 2021 Biennial, was screened live via the Performa website on Friday, October 29th at the following times: 11:00AM, 2:00PM, and 6:00PM. Performed by the ocean, the artist's experimental opera explored themes of black masculinity, queerness, and transformation amidst trauma traveled through bloodlines. For more information, please visit the Performa website.

Shikeith in The Criterion Collection

Shikeith's film, #blackmendream (2014), was featured in The Criterion Channel’s June 2021 Lineup. In celebration of Pride Month, the film archive hosted an array of queer-themed films on its platform, from documentaries to screwballs. To learn more, please see The Criterion Channel website.

Shikeith in Art in America

Shikeith was featured in the “new talent” section of the May/June Art in America issue, edited by Antwaun Sargent. Shikeith discussed concepts and footage included in still waters run deep (2021), a site-specific installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, in Ohio, as part of a group exhibition, “Imagine Otherwise.” For more information, please visit the publication website.

Shikeith at Crystal Bridges

Work by Shikeith was included in a group exhibition, This Is the Day, from April 24 – August 16, 2021 at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, AR. Focusing on the Black church and its role in providing spiritual and political leadership, This Is the Day brought together artistic representations of faith, resilience, and spiritual community across Black communities and history. Other artists in the exhibition included Aaron Turner, Faith Ringgold, and Bruce Davidson. For more information, please see the Crystal Bridges website.

Shikeith at The Mattress Factory

Work by Shikeith was featured in Feeling the Spirit in the Dark, a solo exhibition on view at The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA through June 13, 2021. Incorporating photography, video, sculpture and sound, Shikeith creates a series of environments that explore histories of the Black male body alongside both sacred and secular expressions of ecstasy. For more information, please visit the museum’s website.

Shikeith at California African American Museum

Commissioned work by Shikeith was exhibited in Enunciated Life at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, CA, from March 27 - August 15, 2021. Through video, painting, photography, and installation, the group show explored artists who draw upon sonic and choreographic elements of Black spirituality, making legible different bodily experiences and social issues. For more information, please visit the museum's website.

Shikeith at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland

A new site-specific installation by Shikeith commissioned by moCa Cleveland, in Ohio, was on view in Imagine Otherwise February 18 — June 6, 2021. Organized by La Tanya S. Autry, moCa Cleveland’s first on-staff Black curator, the four-person exhibition presented work across media that highlights the ability of Black cultures to persist by always "imagining otherwise." Other featured artists included Imani Dennison, Amber N. Ford, and Antwoine Washington. For more information, please visit moCa Cleveland’s website.

Shikeith in Frieze Magazine

Frieze Magazine interviews Shikeith about his solo show at The Mattress Factory, in Pittsburgh, PA. Writer Mia Imani Harrison observes that the museum’s presentation “feels as much like an act of spiritual cleansing as an exhibition.” For more information, please visit the magazine’s website.

Shikeith at Red Bull Arts Detroit

Work by Shikeith will be included in Inspirited: Coda at Red Bull Arts Detroit, in Michigan, this Spring 2021. Curated by Taylor Aldridge, the exhibition presents works that draw on visual and performative iconographies of Black spirituality, Pentecostalism and church services to explore complex experiences such as euphoria, vulnerability, faith and longing. Other featured artists include Allie McGhee, Steffani Jemison and Tiona Nekkia McClodden. For more information, please visit the program’s website.

Shikeith at Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Work by Shikeith was included in The National at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, in Fort Wayne, IN, through January 31, 2021. The annual showcase presents photographic work by artists from across the country, with the intention of gathering the best contemporary photography created or exhibited within the U.S. in the last year. For more information, please visit the museum’s website.

Shikeith Receives 2020 Art Matters Foundation Grant

Shikeith has been named a 2020 recipient of the Art Matters Foundation Grant, awarded annually to artists and collective teams working across contemporary art and performance, with special emphasis given to art focusing on social issues and experimenting with form. For more information, please visit the foundation’s website.

Shikeith in TIME's list of Best Photo Books of 2022

TIME Magazine has recognized Shikeith’s book, Notes towards Becoming a Spill, in their list of the 20 Best Photo Books of 2022. Notes towards Becoming a Spill, Shikeith’s first monograph, was published in 2022 with Aperture. The volume explores the sacred inner worlds of Black queer men through studio portraiture. Find TIME’s article here.