Mark Ruwedel in SFMOMA Publication

Mark Ruwedel’s work is included in American Geography: Photographs of Land Use from 1840 to the Present, published by Radius Books and SFMOMA. The book draws from the permanent photography collection at SFMOMA, charting different forms and uses of land across the United States. Other artists in the monograph include Dawoud Bey, An-My Lê, Wendy Red Star, Victoria Sambunaris, and Stephen Shore. For more information, please see the Radius website.

Hassan Hajjaj in the New Yorker

The New Yorker spotlights Hassan Hajjaj’s My Rockstars series and exhibition in the May 8, 2021 Photo Booth section. To see the full feature, “Cardi B. and Other ‘Rockstars,’ Through the Eyes of the Moroccan Artist Hassan Hajjaj,” please visit the New Yorker website.

Meghann Riepenhoff at C/O Berlin

Meghann Riepenhoff will be participating in a group exhibition, Songs of the Sky: Photography and the Cloud at the C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany, from December 11, 2021 – March 5, 2022. The exhibition explores the “cloud” as a conceptual bridge between historical photography, with looked to the skies for inspiration, and our current moment, in which the cloud is a more nebulous technology. This show is planned with Les Rencontres d’Arles. For more information, please see the C/O website.

Sanlé Sory in the Guardian

Sanlé Sory's Les Gentlemen de Cocody (1978) was featured by writer Tim Adams in the Guardian’s weekly photography column, “The Big Picture.” To read the full review, please see the Guardian website.

Markus Brunetti in 1814 Magazine

Markus Brunetti was interviewed about his FACADES series by 1814 Magazine in their Spring/Summer 2021 issue. 1814 MAGAZINE is a limited edition, bi-annual publication that focuses on photography, art, design and culture. To learn more, please see the publication website.

Nevet Yitzhak at Kunsthaus Baselland

Nevet Yitzhak’s Warcraft installation was on view in Afterlight Afterglow: Video Installation and Their Pioneers at Kunsthaus Baselland, in Basel, Switzerland, from January 23 - May 5, 2021. Curated by Ines Goldbach, the exhibition focused on video work from the 1950s in the present day. Other participating artists include Karl Gertsner, Roy Lichtenstein, Oscar Muñoz, Nam June Paik, and Teresa Serrano. For more information, please visit the museum website.

Ezra Stoller in New York Magazine

A photograph by Ezra Stoller was featured as the cover of the New York Magazine on April 26, 2021. This "Yesteryear" issue features stories and photographs of office culture in the past 150 years. Stoller's image is part of his well-known work on the Seagram Building, itself an iconic example of New York City's International Style architecture. To learn more, please see the magazine website.

Sarah Anne Johnson in Border Crossings Magazine

Sarah Anne Johnson's Woodland exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery was reviewed in the quarterly “painting” issue of Border Crossings Magazine, released in May 2021. Benjamin Klein writes, “Confronting the works in person provides a different experience from seeing them digitally … In the gallery space, the works in the show generate an encompassing physically felt sensation—of being in the landscape and of having the invisible-made-seen." For more information, please visit the Border Crossings website.

Mark Ruwedel in The Boston Globe

Mark Ruwedel’s work is featured in the Boston Globe, in an article examining works of art that demonstrate the endurance of cities. “Ruwedel shoots straight on, abjuring fanciness, as befits the low-slung, unfancy spaces he documents,” Mark Feeney writes. “The images are almost hypnotically uninflected. Cities generally revel in inflection ... which lends these cityscapes a very suburban look. But that’s a reminder of how much cities can and do differ: Not just defined by diversity, they are themselves diverse.” To read the full article, please see the Globe website.

Matthew Brandt in Musée Magazine

Matthew Brandt was featured in Musée Magazine as part of their April series, “The Earth." Trevor Bishai writes, “Brandt’s process is not only an innovative way of creating artworks, but is also highly conceptual, as he always strives to link the medium with the subject in art. With photography, he has found many ways to place the photographic process into conversation with what is being photographed.” To read the full article, please see the magazine website.

Tim Hetherington Remembered on CNN

A decade after his death in Libya, Tim Hetherington is remembered by Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst, in a tribute on CNN. “Tim lived and worked in the toughest environments in the world … where he died while chronicling violence in the war-torn city of Misrata. But he was never jaded by those experiences, nor was he a showboat about his many years on the front lines. He was a very gentle man. A gentleman.” To read the full piece, please see the CNN website.

Sarah Anne Johnson in Town and Country Magazine

Work from Sarah Anne Johnson's Woodlands series is featured in this month's issue of Town and Country. Johnson's work, LLB (2021) accompanies reflections by novelist R. O. Kwon on sensations of dizziness and wonder caused by works of art in her essay, "Careful Not to FAINT."