Natia Lemay at Yossi Milo Gallery

Yossi Milo Gallery is pleased to present the work of New Haven-based, mixed-race, Afro-Indigenous painter Natia Lemay. In an exploration of identity, Lemay paints figures that flit between invisibility and prominence against their entirely black backgrounds. The works that result oscillate between representational portraits and minimal studies in black. The artist’s debut solo exhibition will take place at the gallery in the Spring of 2023. Lemay’s work will also be featured in the gallery’s booth at the upcoming edition of The Armory Show in September 2022.

ADAA Chelsea Gallery Walk

Yossi Milo Gallery is pleased to participate in this year's Chelsea Gallery Walk, hosted by the Art Dealers Association of America. We welcome participants to visit the gallery on Wednesday, July 20 from 6 – 8 PM, with a guided exhibition tour of RGB to begin at 7 PM, followed by a Q&A session. For more information, please visit the ADAA website.

Hassan Hajjaj in Time Out

Hassan Hajjaj's work Blaize (2015) is on the cover of the final printed copy of Time Out Magazine after a 54-year run covering London culture. For the publication's final paper edition, art director Bryan Mayes decided to feature graphic artist with a "really strong, vibrant visual style," selecting Hassan Hajjaj for his, "big, bold, clashing colours." Hajjaj captures the spirit of London in his signature flashy and colorful fashion, which he uses to style friend and London local, Blaize.

Shikeith in Collector Daily

Loring Knoblauch reviews Shikeith's debut solo exhibition in New York City, grace comes violently, for Collector Daily. Knoblauch writes, "Seen as one integrated artistic statement, this show offers a sophisticated melange of interlocked ideas, where various forms of protection provide the space for ecstatic personal expression." He continues, "Like many of his contemporaries, Shikeith is carving out a space for possibilities, using a multi-faceted approach to open many doors at once." Read the full article here.

Yossi Milo Gallery Announces Representation of Jeremy Jaspers

Yossi Milo Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of German painter Jeremy Jaspers. The artist's intimate portraits of anonymous subjects offer covert glimpses into the private longings of contemporary queer men. In his work, Jaspers reexamines the repressive attitudes towards sexuality from eras past, tracing their development and persistence into the 21st century. The artist's painterly, figurative tableaux simultaneously exude queer erotic potential and the anxiety of alienation in the digital age. Jaspers' first solo show in New York City will open at the gallery this October.

Shikeith in i-D

Shikeith's solo exhibition grace comes violently is reviewed in i-D Magazine by Miss Rosen. The author writes, "Continuing in the traditions of Black queer icons … Shikeith's practice is rooted in a need to disentangle the specters of racism and homophobia that haunt queer Black men. With 'grace comes violently', Shikeith reminds us that transcendence does not emerge from peace but from an unstoppable will to confront pain, sorrow and loss in order to overcome oppression against all odds." Read the full article here.

Linus Borgo in Artsy

Linus Borgo is interviewed by Osman Can Yerebakan in "7 Artists on the Resilience of Depicting Queer Intimacy in Public" for Artsy. Of his work, Borgo says "at the very heart of my work there is this idea of totally radical vulnerability, where there is a sense of intimacy created between the viewer and my body." Read the full article here.

Artist Walkthrough: Shikeith | grace comes violently

Yossi Milo Gallery and Shikeith hosted a virtual artist walkthrough of grace comes violently on Thursday, July 16. The artist presented and gave background for the work in the show and offered insight into his multidisciplinary practice. Following the talk, audience members had the chance to participate in a Q&A session with Shikeith. The walkthrough can be viewed in its entirety here.

Shikeith in The New York Times

Shikeith’s solo exhibition grace comes violently is reviewed for The New York Times by Will Heinrich. He writes, “It’s the evocative but never overly revealing way Shikeith portions out all this information, his combination of intimacy and inaccessibility, that makes the overall show so memorable. His practice may not yet be fully rooted — I don’t know whether “grace comes violently” is a photo show with sculptures, a sculpture show with photos or a single installation — but I’m excited to see where it goes.” Read the full article here.

Pieter Hugo at The Fotomuseum

Pieter Hugo’s photograph, Lize and Gideon Hugo (2009), was featured in Parents, a group exhibition at the Fotomuseum in The Hague, The Netherlands. The exhibition brought together more than thirty photographers who have captured their own parents on camera. Lize and Gideon Hugo presents a portrait of the Hugo’s parents in the intimate yet stoic setting of their home bedroom. The work is part of the artist’s series, Kin, dedicated to portraits of diverse subjects from Hugo’s home country of South Africa. For more details, please visit the museum's website.

Linus Borgo Receives Betty Lee Stern Prize for Artists

Linus Borgo is the inaugural recipient of Columbia University’s Betty Lee Stern Prize for Artists. The grant is awarded to only one graduating MFA student annually. A selection committee member noted that Borgo’s painting is “monumental and complex” and that he is “a highly skilled painter with powerful imagery that works on many levels, taking the self-portrait into the allegorical.”

Shikeith Reviewed in Artforum

Shikeith's debut solo exhibition in New York City, grace comes violently, was reviewed by Zoë Hopkins for Artforum. Hopkins writes, "...for his debut exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, multidisciplinary artist Shikeith warns us via the show’s title that for Black queer people, “grace comes violently.” The gentle yet tense photographs, sculptures, and five-channel video-cum-sculpture work here redefine this quality of ease and divinity with remarkable power." To read the full article, please visit the Artforum website.

Yossi Milo Gallery Announces Representation of Linus Borgo

Yossi Milo Gallery is pleased to announce the representation of New York-based painter Linus Borgo. Highly figurative in nature, his paintings oscillate between sublime depictions of the aftermath of trauma and quotidian moments of daily life in the city. His compositions are marked by their elegant arrangement of bodies, vibrant color palette, and incorporation of spiritual themes. The artist’s first solo show in New York City will open at the gallery in 2023.